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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The MySpace for Literature Lovers

With all the new tools for getting information, it really is amazing what email can still provide. I stumbled across this link in an email newsletter. It contains a story about a site called LibraryThing. It seems like an easy way to connect with people who read the same types of things that you do. You enter one book or up to 200 books for free and watch what happens. I look forward to trying this in depth as time allows. Apparently, this will make recommendations based on an algorithm for books you might like to read. It can help you blog. It looks like fun.


This is really interesting. I added around 20 books into my catalog, and I then started exploring the site. Somebody else had about 2/3 of the books that I had. The best part of the site for me is taking a look at what it recommends. It turns out that it was highly accurate. I already had most of the books it recommended. I could also see where Dan had his concerns. It's like everything else; it all boils down to how you use it.