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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Grammar Extra Credit Opportunity

Attention all 9th grade Grammar students:
50 points extra credit is now available for posting your strange lunch prompt as a comment to this post. Be sure to include either your first name and last initial at the bottom of the comment or your initials, so that I'll know who to give the extra credit to. This is due by the end of the quarter.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Notice to Seniors

You have an assignment to complete on the Senior page ASAP.

Novels Essay Questions For Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bonus Opportunity

Answer these questions as completely as possible using specific examples from the text where possible. Each question is worth 25 points; 10 details per answer necessary for full credit. The answers may be neatly handwritten or typed if necessary. Length should be at least a full paragraph per question. You may either turn this in traditionally or post this to the Moodle site (9th Novels -- Final Essay Forum) for 30 bonus points. You may also post this as a comment on the assignments blog under Novels Essay Questions For Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bonus Opportunity for 50 additional bonus points.

A. Using this novel as your basis, discuss the nature of "good" and "evil," or "the double" and the duality of man's nature, as presented in this novel.

B. Contrast Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Lanyon in their basic responses to scientific medicine, to metaphysics, to the basic nature of evil itself, and to man's duality.

C. At the beginning of the novel, Dr. Jekyll is in total control of Mr. Hyde, yet at the end of the novel, Mr. Hyde is in control of Dr. Jekyll. Show how this reversal came about.

D. Justify Utterson's reluctance to read Lanyon's statement until after "the death or disappearance" of Jekyll.

E. Utterson as a narrator is objective and honest, and yet he often comes to the wrong conclusion about matters such as forgery, Hyde's existence, Jekyll's motives, and other matters. Discuss the character of Utterson and how he is so often misled in his opinions.